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Diversity Statement

The staff at Erica Tober ABA Consulting strive to make life easier for the parents and clients we serve. Part of doing that means that an individual's cultural identities and the daily activities required for those cultural identities are tantamount to effective treatment. We understand that people can experience multiple cultures, or the way culture affects their life may be unconscious. We create specific individualized goals with individual circumstances in mind by observing the environment and asking family members and other relevant stakeholders, as well as the child themselves. We maintain cultural competency but do not make assumptions in that regard. We continually strive to make life better and more fulfilling for the families we serve.

We celebrate the diverse backgrounds of our staff as part of what makes them the wonderful team members they are. We strive to create an inclusive workforce for a variety of familial needs, cultural or religious background, disabilities or differences, and individual life circumstances. This is accomplished by consciously hiring staff from diverse educational, religious, cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds as well as creating flexible workplace policies with embrace those cultures  (e.g. allowing Jewish employees to leave early for Shabbat, allowing parents time off for school closures, recognizing cultural differences in dress and appearance and allowing them as part of our dress code). We love that our staff each bring a unique prospective to the table and strive to create a workplace that embraces that uniqueness. 

We provide translation services upon request. 

Se ofrecen servicios de traducción con previa solicitud.

Übersetzungsdienste sind auf Anfrage erhältlich.

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