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Evaluation is a key component of all Applied Behavior Analysis Treatment. By conducting an evaluation, we can begin to get a baseline of your child's capabilities. Most children we work with are assessed using an assessment known as the VB-MAPP.  An initial assessment will be conducted by the BCBA before treatment begins.   The assessment will yield the number of hours recommended and the skills that will be addressed in 1:1 therapy.  As we begin working with your child,  new skill acquisition programs will be introduced.  Every six months the written treatment program will be updated and highlight progress and continued need for services.

In Home Services

A child's home is a very important environment for necessary ongoing developmental skills.  In-home we will teach skills that were targeted based on the assessment.  These skills may include expressive language skills and receptive language skills.  Other skills  may include interaction skills with siblings, self-help skills, and play skills.  These skills can also be taught in daycares and preschools in a pull-out session with the behavior technician.

Preschool Services

Our agency provides services in private school settings and in daycare centers. These services are available when the home  setting is not available due to parents' work schedules, but also to provide valuable inclusion based skills.   In these settings the children are supported by one of our highly trained staff.   We are there to ensure your child follows the group, responds to teacher directions, participates in activities, and socially interacts with other children.  Additional goals will be added depending on your child’s needs.  In this setting it is expected that the teacher leads the class.  We are there to support the child in how to  function in their environment until they are functioning independently without staff support.  

Community Outings

Community outings are planned based on the child’s need.  Goals will be first taught with the instructor at home, then moved to the community and transferred to the parent with the instructor present.  Once the child demonstrates these goals with the parents, the outing program is maintained naturally by the parents.  At least one outing is usually approved per week but must be based on medical necessity.

Parent Training

Parent buy-in is extremely important to a child's growth and development. Parent training will either be didactic during which the BCBA teaches the parents principles of ABA and how they apply to daily living situations through PowerPoint presentations with video examples.  During hands on parent training,  the parent is coached while working on different skill acquisition and other procedures with their child.  This usually occurs when the child has mastered skills with the instructor. Parent training is an essential part of our ABA curriculum and we love to see parents get involved.


BCBA oversight is another essential part of the treatment package. BCBAs help therapists become knowledgeable about the child and their programming, they also make changes to make sure everything is progressing and every child continues to reach their full potential.  Supervision is based on insurance guidelines and will occur either 10 or 20 percent of the time dependent upon insurance approval. Our BCBAs are vital in ensuring continued child progress.

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